Black Pudding Issue 6

Black Pudding Issue 6 by James V.West.

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You steel your nerves and step forward, ignoring the pungeant stench of mildew that emanates from the wet dungeon walls. Just then, ahead and to your right, it comes horchling and shlerking forward, plopping with inhuman hunger...

In this issue of Black Pudding you shall be thrilled to witness 24 more pages (well, 28 counting covers) of old school RPG goodness, this time in the form of toads, fat ladies, demon people, snowmen, and the character sheets and meatshields you've come to know and tolerate.

This issue's special feature is an 8 page dungeon exploration based on a lovely map by the wicked talent of Evlyn Moreau.

Get your spoon and dig in.

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