Black Pudding Issue 7

Black Pudding Issue 7 by James V.West.


His rowan pipe of smoking still smoking, the wizard oozes out of a portal to Hell, his mission complete. Now to towel off and read the latest Black Pudding zine!

In this glorpy issue is a small assortment of character classes, such as the eyeball, as well as a few new monsters, such as the incredibly handsome grave crusader. Following that… a gazetteer of the world of Yria, one of the many iterations of eternal Pan-Gea! The five cities of Yria are described, many random tables provided, and crude, X1-style blurbs suggesting other parts of the world. The mythos of twelve deities is also presented. All for your wondrous gaming endeavors.

It is the world of Black Pudding!

All stats, such as they are, presented in a familiar B/X style that works well with Labyrinth Lord, Old School Essentials, or the OSR Playbook from Black Pudding #4.


The PDF edition of Black Pudding Issue 7 is available as a Pay What You Want PDF from DrivethruRPG: