Black Pudding Issue 8

Black Pudding Issue 8 by James V.West.

The oozing shlorp splats like a wet flop on the cold dungeon flagstones. The snortled smell of voop assaults your nostrils… will you survive this moist, fermented freak show? Grab your two-handed vorpal glaive and find out!

Here comes Black Pudding issue 8… replete with rotting monsters, over-powered swords, puzzling spells, tanks, and a bunch of character classes for your old school dungeon crawling games. Machine gun wizards, fighting wombats, chomping goons, and feral knights abound!

Using your game of choice, such as Labyrinth Lord, Old School Essentials, or Basic Fantasy RPG, you too can shlorp and pungenate in fabulous dicing adventures!

The PDF edition of Black Pudding Issue 8 is available as a Pay What You Want PDF from DrivethruRPG: