Oubliette Issue 1 Print Edition

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Oubliette Issue 1 (April 2010)

A magazine for old school fantasy roleplayers.

32 jam-packed pages including: a 10 page adventure, new rules, original fiction, reviews, artwork and more ...

Written for Labyrinth Lord but also ideal for use with any Basic/Expert/Advanced original or clone with little or no adjustment required.

Full Contents:

  • Editorial

  • Monster Club #1 

  • Halfling Proof Fence: A Labyrinth Lord adventure for 26 nasty characters 

  • Inheritance Part 1: A Fantasy Campaign Setting 

  • Developing House Rules for Labyrinth Lord 

  • Sample House Rules for Labyrinth Lord 

  • Alternative Subdual Rules for Labyrinth Lord: Don't just kill things! Knock them out, torture them, then kill them!

  • Improvised Traps: Fun trap ideas for characters to try at home 

  • Monster Club #2 

  • Good Shop / Bad Shop: Meet The Rentalist, mysterious purveyor of powerful artefacts 

  • What's in the Oubliette? Reviews of: The Turntracker, Dead Tower Island and Caprica 

  • Mouse Watch 

  • The Song of Sithakk: Our Epic Dwarven Serial. Part I: The Warrior