The Sorcerers' Enclave Book and Posters

The Sorcerers' Enclave is a combination of an art book and an RPG source book by Aaron Howdle. In its original form it was presented as a large, highly-detail piece of artwork. The book version takes the locations of the Enclave and presents each of them in a double page spread, complete with descriptive text and further illustrations. There is background information about the locations and the Enclave'sinhabitants. There are no stats or rules, but it could easily be used as a setting or even a scenario for any fantasy RPG system (with a bit of work form the DM).

Here's what you get:

  • A 48 page hard cover book printed on heavy 200gsm paper
  • An A2 poster of the Enclave (folded to A5 size)
  • An A3 World Map poster (folded to A5 size)
  • A set of 3 A6 postcards

A PDF of the book is also available on here.